Staff Health Insurance

Access premium health insurance for your team with superior cover at half the price

The Healthcare system in the Philippines is not that flash. I’m sorry to say it bluntly, but the truth is, when a Filipino is admitted to hospital (even for something small) the bill can be astronomical.

To give you an example, recently one of our guards was admitted for a burst appendix and his hospital bill was more than he earns in an entire year! Thankfully we hold a company health insurance policy, and these hospital fees were paid out in full.

If you want to be an employer of choice in the Philippines, then offering a quality health insurance package is critical. Having access to a suitable insurance policy for your Filipino employees will:

  • Make your business more attractive to high quality talent
  • Provide a reward for high performing staff members
  • Increase the likelihood your staff will stay with your business longer
  • Improve the job security and morale of your employees, and
  • Give your people access to the healthcare services they deserve.

The challenge is, organising these insurances from Australia is difficult to do and signing up individual policies is expensive. Typically the health insurance policies offered by companies like MaxiCare will set you back around $1,000 per annum for coverage with less benefits than the top companies (Calculate premiums with MaxiCare).

That’s why we have negotiated a bulk discount with one of the Philippines most reliable insurance providers Generali to give you access to superior cover, with a better insurer at less than half the price.’