VA Stories

So far WrkPod has helped hundreds of businesses across dozens of industries. From medical to financial planning, engineering to parking stations, whatever your business, WrkPod can help.

With the right mindset and support, anyone can achieve their goals and make a positive impact in the world.

As a dedicated teacher VA, I persevered and was determined to provide for my family. That’s what makes our community so special. I am thankful to WrkPod for helping me be where I am right now.

From selling fish to a project manager, WrkPod transformed my life both financially and professionally.

My journey at WrkPod has been nothing short of life-changing. Thanks to the training, mentorship, and opportunities provided by WrkPod, I’ve evolved from a fisherman buried in debt to a skilled project manager at Australian Fitness Company. It’s a testament to the profound impact WrkPod can have on individuals seeking a brighter future.

Thanks to WrkPod, I transformed from a service crew to a compliance manager and realized my dreams.

My journey from a service crew member to a compliance manager in a New Zealand company is a testament to the transformative power of WrkPod.  Despite my initial hesitation due to my lack of experience, my client recognized my potential and valued my contributions, instilling in me a profound sense of usefulness. Today, I am living my dreams, and I owe it all to WrkPod.

From a graduation life crisis to an event coordinator, WrkPod allowed me to set my own pace and flourish.

I was on the verge of a graduation life crisis last year. The pressure to conform to the corporate world and become a banker, dictated by my college course, weighed heavily on me. However, I chose the path of a VA with WrkPod, enabling me to set my own pace and discover my true potential. Today, I am thriving and constantly pushed beyond my limits by my supportive boss.

WrkPod empowered me to develop my leadership skills while fostering a fantastic working relationship with an exceptional leader.

I always aspired to be part of a team where personal growth aligned with professional development. When I discovered WrkPod, I recognised it as the platform to make this dream a reality. My boss continually inspires us by reminding us of the ‘why’ behind our work, fostering a productive and fulfilling working relationship.

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