The Smartest Way To Find, Recruit and House Your Filipino Employees

WrkPod gives you access to my personal team of recruitment ninjas
to find and hire your new overseas employees.

Hey there, Business Builder...

Let me tell you how we grew a team of 50+ talented overseas employees to scale our business... (and how you can too!)

As my web development business was growing I knew I needed to find a way to scale the delivery of our service quickly. Offshoring repeatable tasks to allow me to focus on more valuable tasks seemed like a no-brainer, particularly when high-calibre university-qualified staff in the Philippines can be employed for as little as $3/hr.

So after deciding to build an overseas team I set about wasting hundreds of hours searching for, shortlisting and testing staff on Upwork, Freelancer and other online portals. I had some success but the majority of the time I was disappointed with the quality of work and the outcomes I was able to produce this way. Maybe you can relate?

Next I looked into hiring talent through managed office spaces (known as BPO’s). But after visiting several I never felt comfortable with the idea of these companies ‘leasing’ the staff to me. It meant they were never truly my own team or paid directly from me. If I ever outgrew the office or if a relationship went south with the supplier I could lose access to my team members for good.

Not only that, I found most BPO’s would pay team-members a very low salary and then add huge margins on top of their rate before leasing them to me. This meant the team members were unhappy with their pay and I was unhappy with the rate. The only one who seemed happy was the BPO!

So I decided to travel to the Philippines, launch my own company and hire a team directly. Since then we have grown our team to 55 members in the Philippines and recently completed our new building which houses over 120 seats.

So, If you want to know how to build a high performance team of talented Filipinos fast and affordably, then learn from someone who has already done it. Book a call with my team below, and find out how you can access one of the desks in our new building.

Make Recruiting Easy

Access My Personal Team of Recruitment Ninjas to Find and Hire Your New Overseas Employees

Over the years I have had many business owners share the same struggles I had finding talent in the Philippines and ask me for help. Up until now I have not been in a position to help due to the limitations of our building and capacity of our team. 

However, with our newly completed building I am excited that we are finally in a position to help other business owners recruit and house their Filipino talent at WrkPod.

The New Model For Offshoring

We’re ‘The Sweet Spot’ Between Hiring Talent Direct and Working With Managed Office Spaces

“The Time Consuming Way”
Hire DirectThis solution is a good starting point for people looking to test the model of outsourcing before deciding to make it a permanent strategy.
  • Upfront Cost
  • Minimum 8 Hours Of Your Time

  • Recruitment
  • You Write The Job Description
  • You Write The Job Ad
  • You Collate Candidates
  • You Shortlist Candidates
  • You Arrange Interviews
  • You Run Interviews
  • No References
  • No Accountability Usually

  • Staff Salary
  • >$500/Month Full Time
  • Often Without Help You Will Pay More Than Market Value

  • Desk Costs
  • None

  • Ongoing Arrangement
  • No Guarantee On Hire
  • COVID Safe Practices
  • Kids & Other Distractions At Home
  • Lots Of “Cockadoodle-Doos”
  • Often Poor Connections
  • Not Likely

  • Cost Overview
  • No Upfront Costs
  • >$500/mth Full Time Salary
  • Loads Of Your Time On Failed Staff
“The Cash Consuming Way”
Typical BPOBPO’s are the best solution for business owners who don’t have time to self manage their team-members and are happy to pay a premium for that additional HR Support.
  • Upfront Cost
  • $500+

  • Recruitment
  • Dedicated Recruitment Manager
  • Kickoff Zoom Meeting
  • Finalize Job Description
  • Facebook Ads Budget
  • Advertise Position
  • Collate Suitable Candidates
  • Pre-Interview Candidates
  • Shortlist Candidates
  • Setup Interviews
  • Attend and Debrief Interviews
  • Complete Reference Checks
  • Negotiate Favourable Salary
  • Help Making An Offer
  • Production Of Contacts

  • Staff Salary
  • Staff Base Salaries Should Be Comparable To WrkPod But They Are Not Often Disclosed

  • Ongoing Costs
  • Usually Multiply Salary By 2 or 3

  • Ongoing Arrangement
  • 3 Month Placement Guarantee
  • Brand New Modern Building
  • COVID Safe Practices
  • Productive Coworking Space
  • Quiet Professional Environment
  • High Speed Fibre Optic Internet
  • Backup Power Generator
  • Onsite Cafe’
  • Monthly Social Events
  • Assistance Buying Equipment
  • Conference Room Available
  • Attendance Accountability
  • Payroll
  • HR Management

  • Cost Overview
  • >$500 Recruitment Fee
  • $1,000-1,500 Salary & Fees
Our Modern Co-Working Space

Give Your New Team Member A Productive Workplace To Thrive In

Forget endless rooster crowing, weekly brownouts and the lack of productivity you’ve seen from other overseas freelancers. When you choose WrkPod your new team member will work from our brand new co-working space alongside other talented and dedicated professionals. 

They’ll enjoy a superfast internet connection, air conditioning, brand new furnishings and an on-site cafe with a trained barrister. You will get the support of my friendly team who will be with you every step of the way from ad, through to hire and beyond.

Hire Capable & Dedicated Filipino Team Members and Scale Your Business Fast

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What’s Included

We’ve Thought Of Everything

Modern Building

Our building is brand new with a modern designed interior that is cleaned daily.


We closely follow any government regulations around COVID safety and have already passed two audits.

Superfast Internet

With 4 internet connections, including two super fast fibre optic ones, we always have access to reliable and fast internet.

Backup Power Generator

Power-outs are common in the Philippines but we’ve got redundancies to keep things running regardless.

Attendance Tracking

We use a biometric system to track attendance and can provide reports on your team-members attendance.

Conference Room

All desks come with access to our conference room which is available for booking.

Phone Booths

State of the art phone call booths are available for booking should your team member require privacy.

Onsite Cafe’

Glenn our WrkPod Manager use to manage Starbucks and he brought his talent for coffee with him!

24/7 Security

Security guards are on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week to protect the building and any equipment.

Monthly Social Events

Working remotely can be lonely – but not at WrkPod. Our social events create a buzz between workmates.

Done-For-You Contracts

Employment contracts and assistance to establish business papers later if you want to scale.

Equipment Purchasing

Headsets, laptops, monitors and other gadgets. We can help you arrange anything you need.

Free Up 20-30 Work Hours By Offshowing Low Value Tasks In Your Business

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