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So far WrkPod has helped hundreds of businesses across dozens of industries. From medical to financial planning, engineering to parking stations, whatever your business, WrkPod can help.

We were able to find great staff and able to expand our business a lot faster.

Having offshore staff has allowed us to expand. It’s given us as business owners more time to be able to learn more which we’ve then passed on to our team and allowed our business to scale and expand.

The recruiting process was really good it was very streamlined and super easy.

It’s a massive cost-saving for business with our VA at WrkPod. The whole WrkPod system is great because we pay our VA directly and we’re not working through the agency and WrkPod provides great facilities.

It had to be somebody independent like WrkPod, and that gives us access to the facilities.

The process was amazing because we could just sit back without physically having to interview anyone and just look at the video and just get an understanding of their experience and the right fit for our business.

I really had a very quick easy and seamless experience with WrkPod.

I can now free myself up to do more of the important things and it’s exciting to have a team that is so dedicated and committed to the business, the culture, and the values.

The recruitment process was fairly seamless... we took our time as I say hire slowly, fly fast...

Always have team members who are skilled and competent in their roles and can grow in those roles. Our business is growing which is fantastic and we have a strategic plan and an offshore virtual team is the key part of our business growth for the next 3 to 5 years.

WrkPod made the recruitment process so simple and so easy.

It’s nice for my VA to have that team environment and then I have a nice piece of line knowing that she’s always going to have great internet, she’s working in a dash, she’s got tech support, they’ve got Friday drinks and it’s just nice that she doesn’t have to work solo.

Now I have time to literally do the things I love to do and be more proactive and productive.

I trusted them before and they never disappointed and the whole project of hiring VA was made very very easy for me.

WrkPod helped me with short-circuiting the process and creating short lists so the interview process became pretty easy.

Being supported by people on the ground in WrkPod who can discuss HR people management and recruitment, especially for business growth or strategic planning moving forward to fill the seats that you might be thinking about.

I appreciate the helpful and welcoming attitude of the WrkPod team.

I had a really positive experience with WrkPod. The high cost of employing people in Australia is a significant factor in our decision to explore remote work solutions. The WrkPod team really went out of their way to assist me.

I highly recommend WrkPod for its incredible workplace culture and efficiency.

Our company specialises in nonsurgical solutions for back problems. My recent hire through WrkPod has been a game-changer. I’m really happy with the seamless process, excellent facilities, and attentive support. My VA’s transition was so smooth. I am excited to recommend WrkPod to my friends!

With WrkPod's expert guidance, we seamlessly integrated VAs into our medical practice.

As a doctor specialising in respiratory and sleep disorders, I was initially hesitant about hiring VAs. However, WrkPod made the entire process effortless. The results have been exceptional. I highly recommend WrkPod to anyone seeking a reliable partner in remote staffing.

Thanks to WrkPod's streamlined process, we found highly skilled staff with ease.

After a less than ideal experience with leased VAs, I was introduced to WrkPod. The process was a game-changer. We’ve now expanded our team with highly skilled engineers and administrative staff, and I can’t speak highly enough about the experience and WrkPod’s excellent facilities.

WrkPod’s streamlined process, facilities, and talented VA have revolutionised our business.

My company specialises in private lending for cars and motorcycles. I joined WrkPod, and it was a game-changer. My VA streamlined data entry and significantly boosted productivity. Plus, the fantastic WrkPod facilities made the experience even better.

With a team that has grown from a couple to 17 strong, I value WrkPod for the support.

I have transformed my business with WrkPod. Having faced challenges with previous hires, I found WrkPod’s collaborative environment ideal for my team’s growth. With 17 staff members now, I love WrkPod’s support in HR and IT, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring a successful team dynamic.

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Before I had a VA, I didn’t have time to get everything that I wanted to get done and really felt I needed help, so when I started hiring VAs…
Kerrie Power
CEO & Founder
We now have two brilliant VAs in WrkPod, and I’m now looking to hire my next one as soon as I can.
Naomi Williams
Operations Manager
Ever since we hired our first VA at WrkPod, we have never looked back, and it has totally changed the way we do business.
Aaron Nauta
Business Director
I’m a chiropractor, so I thought, ‘this won’t work for me’ but I’m glad I tried and now have a VA that I absolutely love
Yolanda Jennings
We now have over 20 team members at WrkPod and they have added incredible value to our business, so if you are feeling sceptical, my advice is to go for…
Angus Pryor
I have one VA through WrkPod and she’s absolutely fantastic that I am now almost completely redundant from my business.
Lisa Thomas

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