Social Events

Experience the Vibrant Community at WrkPod with FriYay - Our Monthly Social Extravaganza!

Jollibee Party

In this heartwarming FriYay, Jollibee, the beloved Filipino fast-food chain’s mascot, recently came to our offices in dedication to healing the inner child of our virtual assistants. This video showcases the smiles of our amazing VAs as Jollibee grooved to the music.

Acoustic Night

Experience the magic of FriYay firsthand! Our monthly event is just one of the perks of joining the WrkPod family. Special thanks to Rewind Acoustic Duo and and Circus Fury for making our FriYay acoustic night unforgettable!

WrkPod Campus Launch Party

Relive the excitement of our WrkPod Campus launch in Tanjay City through this captivating video!

WrkPod Sportsfest

Get ready for an exciting glimpse into the first-ever WrkPod Sportsfest! Watch the highlights of this epic event exclusively for our awesome WrkPoders!

Movie Night

Relive a cozy and entertaining WrkPod FriYay Movie Night! In this video, we’ve captured the magic of our recent gathering where we enjoyed a captivating film together.

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