Client Visits

Strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and boost productivity by meeting your VA in person.

Meet Your Team

Traveling to WrkPod

Enhance Your Team’s Performance with Client Visits to WrkPod in the Philippines. We encourage our clients to strengthen their connection with their teams through personal visits. Our office facilities are at your disposal, with dedicated spaces for your team, boardrooms, and expert guidance on travelling to the Philippines.

Complimentary Travel Assistance

Seamless Travel Experiences with Complimentary Assistance: When you plan to visit your dedicated Virtual Assistant, we’re here to assist. Our complimentary travel support ensures your journey to meet your team is as smooth as your partnership with WrkPod.

Kody’s Favourite Dumaguete Sights

Join Kody as he unveils his top picks in Dumaguete, a city he cherishes. This insightful video is a special treat for those visiting their VA in this beautiful locale.


Our Annual Conferences

Visit your VA in the Philippines at our annual iGROW conference, held in partnership with Business Blueprint.

iGROW 2023

Relive the iGROW 2023 Experience: Dive into the highlights of iGROW 2023, where WrkPod clients came together for an enriching conference. Get a glimpse of the dynamic atmosphere and opportunities to meet your dedicated VA in person.

The Offshore Accelerator 2022

Throwback to The Offshore Accelerator 2022: Watch the exciting moments from our past annual conference, where clients and VAs converged for a memorable event. It’s a testament to the strong bonds and valuable connections that flourish at WrkPod.

Our Recommendations

Travel Recommendations For Dumaguete

Experience Dumaguete City in the Philippines and its unique culture.

Hotel Dumaguete

Discover Hotel Dumaguete: Your Oasis in the Heart of the City. This boutique hotel is thoughtfully designed for modern travellers who value convenience, technology, aesthetics, and efficiency. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and accessibility in the heart of Dumaguete.


Experience the fusion of traditional & modern Filipino flavours at Adamo, where fresh ingredients meet innovative culinary techniques. From timeless classics like sisig to inventive creations such as sisig tacos, their menu offers a diverse selection that promises to delight your palate.

Tierra Alta

Nestled amidst the verdant embrace of Palinpinon in Valencia, Negros Oriental, Tierra Alta is a hidden gem where breathtaking vistas meet exquisite artistry & architectural marvels. Experience the perfect blend of a resort’s vibrant ambiance & the tranquil serenity of a mountainside haven.

La Mensa

Nestled in the heart of Dumaguete, La Mensa offers a relaxed yet refined dining experience in a rustic, open-air setting. They take pride in crafting pizzas, made fresh and hand-stretched daily on-site, ensuring each bite is a taste of true Italian authenticity.

Si Señor

This Spanish restaurant beckons you with an enchanting ambiance that effortlessly combines magic & warm hospitality. Explore the captivating flavours of Spain while basking in an inviting atmosphere that makes every visit an unforgettable journey.

Cafe Racer

Whether you prefer the cosy indoors or the refreshing al fresco vibe, Café Racer welcomes all with open arms. Their menu is a delightful blend of classic diner fare, featuring everything from juicy burgers and mouthwatering sandwiches.