Terms Of Service

Welcome to WrkPod! We're dedicated to simplifying your journey in building exceptional teams in the Philippines. Our terms of service outline the mutual commitments and expectations between WrkPod and our valued clients. By using our services, you're joining a partnership that aims to empower your business with top talent and seamless co-working experiences. We're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a successful collaboration that benefits both your company and the talented professionals you'll work with. Thank you for choosing WrkPod.

This Agreement is between You (“the client”) and WrkPod (ABN 686 19 507 149), also referred hereinafter as “us”, “we”, “our” and “Service Provider”.

1. Services

a. Recruitment

WrkPod will assist you in hiring an offshore staff member by providing you with a shortlist of suitable applicants based on a job description you’ve provided. Unless otherwise arranged, three (3) candidates will be provided to you in the form of pre-recorded video interviews. If the candidates are not suitable for your role, we will ask for a short meeting to clarify your needs, then we will find a further three (3) candidates to present to you.

In the unlikely event that you are still not satisfied with the candidates presented to you, we will refund half (50%) of the recruitment fee and terminate this agreement.

After finding you a successful candidate we will assist you in negotiating a suitable remuneration package, drafting a formal offer letter and producing an employment contract that meets your requirements. We will also help you purchase any equipment that your staff will be using to work with you.

b. Lease of Co-Working Space

After we have helped you to recruit your new staff member, WrkPod will lease you a workspace in our building where your staff can enjoy work in a professional and modern new facility. Your staff member shall enjoy a permanent workstation with access to high speed internet, free flowing coffee and access to an onsite cafe to purchase additional food and beverages at a discounted rate.

As part of your service fee WrkPod will provide your staff member with access to join a monthly social gathering we call “Fri-Yay” in order to build a sense of community and a positive work environment for your staff member.

c. Advice & Support

In addition to the physical office infrastructure we also provide access to advice and support on outsourcing and managing your team members. This includes;

  • Access to our Senior Leadership Team for strategic advice around scaling and structuring your team,
  • Recruitment advice from our team of expert recruiters,
  • Payroll, HR and timesheet support from our HR team,
  • An office manager for day-to-day support,
  • IT Support Desk for IT service requirements and connection issues,
  • Legal & contract support from Jong Benedian, our General Manager and qualified lawyer.

Requests for such support can be made to [email protected].

d. Time & Performance Management Software

A premium account of Time Doctor valued at $20USD/month is provided complimentary for every team member you have working at WrkPod. An additional manager’s account will be provided for you or someone on your team. Additional accounts are available at the discounted rate of $10USD/month.

e. SkillBuilder Training Platform

All your team members at our WrkPod facility are given access to SkillBuilder with over 30 courses and 250 hours of training covering important topics such as Marketing, A.I, Project Management, Sales and more.

2. Payment
  1. Recruitment Fee
    1. We charge a once-off recruitment fee of $695 USD which includes;
      • Assistance finalising your job description
      • Writing and posting your job advertisement online
      • Digital advertising budget for Facebook and other ads platforms
      • Collating and shortlisting suitable applicants
      • Interviewing applicants and checking their references
      • Producing video interviews to assist in selecting your candidate
      • Facilitating interviews between you and any chosen applicants
      • Producing your offer letter and contracts to employ the staff member
    2. Our recruitment fee shall cover the costs of hiring one staff member only. However, any subsequent hires come with a $200 USD discount.
    3. In the event that we are not able to find a suitable applicant for your role, we will refund 50% of the recruitment cost.
  2. Ongoing Service Fee

Once hired, the Ongoing Service Fee of $68 USD per week shall be payable and due at the beginning of each week. Such payments are non-refundable and no credit shall be given for partial weeks unused.

If you wish to pay your ongoing service fees annually you will receive a 10% discount.

WrkPod can arrange payment of fees in USD, AUD, NZD and Pounds Sterling. If you wish to pay your fees in a different currency or change to monthly billing please contact [email protected].

3. 12-Month Lock-in Period

By recruiting a team member through WrkPod you agree to lease a desk with WrkPod for a minimum of twelve (12) calendar months, counted from the first day of work for each staff member.

4. Cancellation
  • During your initial twelve (12) month period, if you choose to cancel your contract with WrkPod, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee of $600USD or the remaining months of your desk lease (whichever is lesser).
  • After your initial twelve (12) month period, you can cancel one or more desks with WrkPod provided you give the appropriate notice period according to the number of desks you wish to cancel:
# Desks You Wish To Cancel Notice Required
1 Desk 1 Month
2-5 Desk 3 Months
6-25 Desk 6 Months
25+ Desk 12 Months
5. Price Increases

Ongoing Service Fees may increase yearly to cover worker pay increases, inflation, and increases in commercial office rent.

30 days notice will be provided by email for any such increases.

Price increases will only take effect on your account once you have completed your initial 12 month period at WrkPod.

6. Payment Methods

All payments are taken via credit card through Stripe, our third party secure payment provider and no other payment methods are available. Purchase notifications are supplied automatically via Stripe and tax receipts are supplied upon request by emailing [email protected]. If you wish to update your credit card details with us please contact us via email and we will supply you with a secure link to update your details.

7. 3-Month Replacement Guarantee

If a staff member needs to be replaced during their first three (3) months with you, we will re-recruit for that team member free of charge provided;

  • The request for replacement is made in writing to [email protected] within 3 months from their hiring,
  • The need for termination was because of the staff members poor performance and not the result of neglect on your side (eg: not paying them)
  • This is the first time you have used the three (3) month guarantee for this role as this privilege can only be used once for every job position ordered and paid.

WrkPod will add one (1) month’s credit on your account during this period to allow time for our recruiters to present you with new candidates for your role. Then your desk lease payments will continue as normal.

8. Assumption of All Responsibilities to the Staff

By agreeing to these terms, you likewise undertake to assume all responsibilities towards the staff that WrkPod helps you hire, and hereby absolve and clear WrkPod from any liability in relation to the contract of services you have entered into with such staff.

9. Marketing Support

The Client agrees to allow us to use their business trading name and background in the recruitment process to enhance attracting quality candidates that match the requirements of the clients business needs. We will also allow the Clients brand logo to be placed on our Web site to be recognised as a valued client, and linked back to the Clients own website as a marketing channel. The Client also agrees to work with our marketing team on marketing endeavours that are of mutual benefit. If the Client does not wish its business trading name and background used in any way it must expressly inform us at [email protected].

10. Assignment

WrkPod reserves the right to assign this Agreement at any time.

You are not able to assign your desk to another WrkPod client.

11. Warranties

WrkPod and/or its assignee does not guarantee any type of profit or response from above-said services.

WrkPod and/or its assignee does not warrant nor assume any liability for the use of this service and/or the performance of the staff hired by the client.

12. Termination
  • The service provider can terminate this agreement at any time if;
    • Service Fees are overdue for more than fourteen (14) days from its due date,
    • If the Service Provider believes that the Client is utilising the staff member hired through WrkPod or the WrkPod facilities to engage in activities or behaviours that could be deemed as illegal, unethical or negligent, or
    • If the client is found to be soliciting staff away from other WrkPod clients or causing damage to the WrkPod culture or community.
  • For terminations of any other kind the Service Provider must provide the client with a Notice Of Termination in writing at least sixty (60) days prior to the desired effective date.
13. COVID Safety Protocols

If a COVID-19 or any other disease outbreak occurs, all efforts will be made so that your staff member will be able to continue work by isolating specific areas and floors. If the government or local authorities order all staff to work-from-home, we will help your staff member transition to such a work arrangement as quickly as possible, until restrictions are lifted. This includes providing your staff member with adequate home internet access up to the cost of US$30/month per staff member.

The client will be required to continue to pay their service fee in such an event.

The safety of your staff member as well as their availability to your organisation is of the highest priority. As such, our office strictly follows all local COVID health directives and are subject to local auditors to ensure we exceed all requirements.

If your staff member is unwell at the office with COVID symptoms they will be sent home and ordered to test and self-isolate until results are received. If positive they will be asked to stay at home for the mandated period.

14. Purchasing Equipment

If you hire a staff member and he/she doesn’t have the necessary equipment to properly work, we can assist you in purchasing equipment for him/her to use.

Any equipment you purchase will be considered your property but can be left permanently in our facility at your team members workstation.

Whilst WrkPod provides 24 hour security guards, CCTV and other security measures in order to keep our facilities safe, WrkPod is not able to provide any guarantee to the security of your equipment. As such, we recommend any equipment purchased is permanent in nature so that it can be fixed to your workstation and that a healthy level of caution is given when providing your staff with new equipment.

If you would like to purchase equipment for your staff member please email us at [email protected] so that we can assist you in arranging.

15. IT Support

Our IT Support services are limited to the physical setup of computers, basic troubleshooting, and internet connectivity issues. Other requests such as advanced IT troubleshooting, remote access requirements, software installation or hardware upgrades will need to be done either remotely by your own IT team or contractor, or via IT contractors that can be recommended in Dumaguete. Such service requirements may incur additional fees.

16. Non-intervention with Client and Staff Member’s Relationship

Whilst we provide advice and boots on the ground support for you as you scale your team, we do not supervise your staff member’s work, provide management of their performance, or control their attendance. We can assist you with advice on effectively managing your staff member and keep a proactive eye out for any issues we may spot on your behalf, however, you are solely responsible for the performance of your staff member. We will not intervene in your work relationship with your staff member.

17. Client-Side Recruiting & Growing Your Team

Please keep WrkPod informed of your team’s growth plans to ensure we have the space to accommodate your growth. We recommend, where possible, give us two (2) months notice of your intention for any significant growth.

If you intend on engaging in your own recruitment to bring staff into the WrkPod facility please let us know prior to posting ads, or encouraging your existing team to collate candidates. This is to ensure we are aware of any desk requirements you are soon to require, as well as protecting you from local talent that are known to WrkPod as previously causing trouble for other clients. WrkPod cannot guarantee availability of desks without suitable prior notice.

Clients are not permitted to encourage or solicit staff away from other WrkPod clients.

18. Tax Compliance
  • Local Tax Contributions: WrkPod is committed to full compliance with all financial and legal obligations as mandated by law. This includes the appropriate assessment, collection, and remittance of taxes such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia, in instances where such contributions are required by law.
  • Tax Liability: Our pricing structure is designed to be inclusive of any potential tax liabilities in jurisdictions where WrkPod is obligated to collect and remit taxes. This means that for services subject to local taxes, such as the Australian GST, these taxes will be duly collected as part of the overall price for our services, in accordance with applicable tax laws and regulations.
  • Uniform Pricing Policy: It is important to note that our commitment to compliance does not alter the base price of our services. In jurisdictions where WrkPod is not required by law to collect and remit local taxes, the overall price of our services will remain unchanged. This policy ensures that all clients are subject to the same base pricing structure, irrespective of the local tax landscape.
  • Client Responsibility: Clients are responsible for understanding their own tax obligations in their respective jurisdictions. This includes any duties or taxes imposed on services rendered by WrkPod. Clients should consult with their local tax advisor or the relevant tax authority to fully understand these obligations.
  • Amendments: WrkPod reserves the right to amend this clause and its pricing policy in response to changes in tax legislation, regulatory requirements, or any other legal obligations that impact our operations. Any such amendments will be communicated to our clients in accordance with our standard policy for updates to terms of service.
19. Right to Change

WrkPod reserves the right at any time, and from time to time, to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including but not limited to, the rates or services provided. Any change will become effective on the date specified in a notice.

20. Notices

All notices, requests, demands, and other communications under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been given on the date of delivery: (1) if delivered personally to the party to whom notice is to be given; (2) if sent by electronic mail with a cc: to sender; or (3) on the third day after mailing by express mail.

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