Our client is a marketing consultant working closely with business owners of a select group of clients that range from eCommerce (ladies, fashion, and food) to designers, manufacturers, and installers of residential and commercial fit-outs (kitchens, laundries, retail, and hospitality)

We are very excited to be looking for a person that is passionate about helping people and businesses achieve their best every day by adding value wherever possible.

This person will do everything I do and assist with all the projects that are being developed and delivered for our clients. A key area of this role is a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills.

Job Qualification

  • University degree in marketing or equivalent work experience
  • Active and well-rounded personal presence in social media, with a command of each network and their best practices
  • Excellent communicator and creative thinker, with an ability to use both data and intuition to inform decisions
  • Most importantly a good heart and a great sense of humour!

Job Responsibilities

  • Graphic Design in Canva
  • Design posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc
  • Design stories for Facebook and Instagram
  • Design promotional images that go into emails
  •  Design flyers or posters for upcoming promotions
  • Design infographics to feature alongside content articles
  • If required, design Facebook and Instagram image ads
  • If requested, design invitations, brochures, or cards
  • If requested, design presentation slides for your manager

Social Media Management

  • Resize and crop photos before uploading to social media
  • Research and document ideas for future social media content
  • Use social media scheduling tool to save time (personal pages)
  • Use social media scheduling tool to save time (company pages)
  • Work with manager to reply to social media comments or DMs
  • Work with manager to comment on posts made by key contacts

Project Management

  • Take any new task given to you and put into a task management tool
  • Check tasks due today and complete them or mark percentage complete
  • If you have a lot of tasks, ask your manager to help prioritise your list
  • When trained, oversee your manager’s task list and keep it updated
  • When trained, oversee the task list of contractors

Customer Service

  • Check all incoming emails and delete all spam messages for manager
  • Work with manager to write canned replies to all common emails
  • Check company Inbox 3-4 times per day and reply to common emails
  • For difficult emails, notify the manager and support them to reply
  • When trained, answer incoming phone calls and assist with enquiries
  • Check Facebook page messages and reply or forward all messages
  • If you have Live Chat on the website, manage all messages and reply
  • If requested, organize gifts or hampers to be sent to VIP clients


  • When trained, work with manager to do basic bookkeeping tasks

Content Creation

  • Use tools like Answer the Public to research content ideas
  • Study industry blogs, forums and groups to find content ideas
  • Work with manager to decide topics you will create content on
  • Find articles or content that can be shared via social media
  • Work with manager to write copy to go with the social posts
  • Find royalty-free images to accompany articles and social posts

Email Marketing

  • Work with manager to plan marketing emails needed for the month
  • Work with copywriter to get the copy required for marketing emails
  •  Enter emails with copy, images and links into your email platform
  • Send manager final tests of marketing emails and get approval
  • Send out marketing emails at the agreed time and monitor results

Website Update & Management

  • Work with manager and copywriter to add new content to website
  • Add new posts/pages to blog when you have new articles/videos
  • Ensure all images on the website are optimised for size and SEO

Admin Tasks

  • When you learn anything new, make a system in Google Sites
  • Work with manager to help them document systems in Google Sites
  • If requested, attend meetings with manager and take meeting minutes
  • When trained, work with manager to pay outstanding invoices
  • Ensure files added to Google Drive, Dropbox are correctly labeled

Website: https://www.digitalbeard.co.nz/