From Shutdown to Success: Colin Fragar’s Council Approval Journey with WrkPod’s Offshore Outsourcing for Town Planning

In the competitive world of property development, Colin Fragar, the founder of Council Approval, faced a pivotal moment that nearly led to shutting down his business. However, with determination and the strategic support of WrkPod’s offshore outsourcing for town planning, Colin’s company not only survived but flourished.

A Challenging Start

Colin’s journey with offshore staffing began with hiring administrative and marketing staff from the Philippines. Despite this initial step, his business still struggled, and he found himself contemplating the closure of Council Approval. During this critical period, Colin engaged in a pivotal conversation with Kody Thompson, WrkPod’s co-founder.

A Bold New Strategy

Colin and Kody discussed an ambitious idea: hiring a team of highly skilled lawyers from the Philippines. This idea was unconventional, as hiring legal professionals offshore was not a common practice. They started cautiously, bringing on just a few lawyers to test the waters.

Building a Dream Team

The initial success of this small team encouraged Colin to expand. Today, Council Approval boasts a robust team of 10 town planners working through WrkPod. This expansion didn’t stop there. Alongside the town planners, 15 support staff handle the crucial administrative and marketing tasks. This combined team effort has allowed Council Approval to continue making a significant impact on their clients by maximizing property values.

The WrkPod Advantage

One of the key factors in WrkPod’s effectiveness is their strategic approach to talent acquisition through offshore outsourcing for town planning. Colin was introduced to a regional area in the Philippines, a strategic move away from the high costs of Manila. This region, rich in talent, provided access to skilled professionals at a lower cost. Furthermore, WrkPod’s strong connections with local universities proved invaluable, supplying a steady stream of talented graduates eager to contribute.

A Testament to Resilience and Innovation

Colin Fragar’s story is a testament to resilience and the innovative solutions that WrkPod offers. By thinking outside the box and leveraging the strengths of offshore staffing, Council Approval transformed from a company on the brink of closure to a thriving business making a real impact.
WrkPod continues to empower businesses like Council Approval, proving that with the right support and strategic partnerships, even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome.