WrkPod Campus is Now Officially Opened

Setting the Stage for Innovation: WrkPod Campus in Tanjay

In the heart of Dumaguete, a vision transformed into reality with the official opening of WrkPod Campus in the charming town of Tanjay this June. The co-founders, Kody and Dale, ventured a few towns away to bring their innovative dreams to life. The result? A bustling hub that promises to be more than just an office space – it’s a haven of collaboration, growth, and community.

Beyond Workstations: Crafting a Mini Google in Negros Oriental

Walking through the premises, it’s clear that WrkPod Campus aims to be a mini Google of Negros Oriental. From the outset, the co-founders envisioned a space that embraces creativity and innovation, offering not just workstations, but a variety of activities that promote well-being, bonding, and personal growth. We are hiring a Director of Fun whose role is more than a title; it’s a commitment to curate experiences that elevate the work environment.

Unity in Diversity: A Dynamic Community Takes Root

With Phase 1 now open, WrkPod Campus houses a dynamic community of 160 Virtual Assistants who contribute their talents to various industries. But this isn’t just a place for work – it’s a place for inspiration. The campus boasts a basketball court, welcoming friendly matches and moments of spirited camaraderie. The co-founders, Kody and Dale, took the stage to commemorate the occasion, expressing their heartfelt gratitude for the collective effort that brought this vision to life.

A Vision Realised: Commemorating Transformation and Growth

The grand opening wasn’t just about launching a space; it was about nurturing a vision. Nilo Tam, the visionary owner, was present to witness the realisation of his dreams. The local government of Tanjay, wholeheartedly supportive of this venture, stood by the opening with enthusiasm. Local news agencies joined the event, their cameras capturing the essence of this transformative day.

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Inspiring Visionaries: Echoes of Leadership Resound

In their speeches, Kody and Dale encapsulated the spirit of the WrkPod Campus. Dale’s words echoed through the halls, urging everyone to envision the potential that lies beyond the present moment. “Do not look at it as what it is now but what it can become,” he emphasised, sparking a sense of aspiration and growth. Kody, ever passionate, ignited a sense of pride in the local community by asking a profound question: “Why is it always Filipinos going out of the country… Why not become great in Dumaguete? Why not Dumaguete? Why not Tanjay?” These words echoed the driving force behind WrkPod’s commitment to local growth and empowerment.

A Canvas of Possibilities: Shaping the Future Together

The opening ceremony celebrated not only the new facility but also the promise of fostering success, inspiration, and connection. WrkPod Campus isn’t just a place to work; it’s a canvas of possibilities, a testament to the power of vision and collaboration.

From Vision to Reality: Answering “Why Not Tanjay?”

As Phase 1 welcomes its first wave of eager Virtual Assistants, the echoes of this opening resonate far beyond the campus walls. The dream of a mini Google in Negros Oriental is now a reality, a place where innovation and community intertwine to shape the future. WrkPod Campus stands as a testament to what can be achieved when vision meets determination, and a resounding answer to the question: “Why not Tanjay?”

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