Introducing the WrkPod Code of Conduct

At WrkPod, we are dedicated to fostering a work environment that encourages professional growth while embracing a culture of respect, productivity, and inclusivity.

Our co-founders, Kody Thompson and Dale Beaumont, have thoughtfully created the WrkPod Code of Conduct to protect the distinct culture we’ve developed over time.

This code forms the bedrock of our workplace values, showcasing our steadfast commitment to fostering an environment where every WrkPoder can excel.

In this blog post, we will delve into the essential principles and behaviors detailed in our Code of Conduct, emphasising their profound impact on creating a positive and productive work environment.

Work is Work

The core principle of wholeheartedly dedicating ourselves to our tasks at work reflects our commitment to both personal career success and nurturing a thriving work environment.

Learning is Earning

Embracing a culture of continuous learning enriches our skills and bolsters our contributions to the team, showcasing our commitment to personal and professional growth.

100% Respect

The bedrock of our community lies in the culture of respect we uphold. We stand united against rudeness, disrespect, or bullying, promoting kindness and empathy as the foundation of harmonious interactions.

Limited Mobile Use

Reducing mobile phone usage at our desks, except for essential family communication, is essential for maintaining focus and productivity during work hours.

Dress for Success

Our commitment to maintaining a professional appearance, whether through appropriate attire or provided uniforms, reflects our dedication to cultivating a polished work environment.

No Streaming

To ensure a professional atmosphere, we discourage streaming services, personal social media use, or online gaming at desks. Such activities are reserved for break times to maintain productivity.

Internet is for Work

We prioritise efficient internet access for work tasks, with a restriction on downloading large files to personal devices during work hours to ensure a seamless experience for everyone.

Limit Noise

Understanding WrkPod as a collaborative workspace, we maintain a quiet environment, especially in open-plan areas, and encourage the use of headphones when needed.

Time Tracking

Utilising Time Doctor, a valuable tool for tracking work hours, helps demonstrate our commitment and work ethic to our managers.

No WFH (Work from Home)

Working from home is discouraged, except in cases of medical or family emergencies and with explicit written permission from employers.

No Jumping Teams

We maintain professionalism by discouraging attempts to entice fellow WrkPoders to leave their employers and join other teams.

Respect Equipment

Treating employer-owned equipment with care and responsibility reflects our commitment to upholding the integrity of our workspace.

Keep Data Private

Protecting privacy, data security, and client confidentiality is paramount, with strict adherence to signed agreements to maintain trust.

We’re Here to Help

We foster a supportive atmosphere, encouraging open communication and issue resolution with employers. In cases of unresolved matters, WrkPoder Support is readily available to assist.


The WrkPod Code of Conduct embodies our unwavering dedication to sustaining a positive, respectful, and productive work environment.

These principles are the cornerstones of our unique culture, laying the groundwork for both individual and collective success.

Upholding these values ensures that WrkPod remains a place where individuals flourish, businesses thrive, and excellence prevails.