iGROW 2023 Conference: Another Huge Success

When the worlds of business, innovation, and fellowship converge, remarkable things happen. The recent iGROW 2023 Conference, hosted by Business Blueprint, was a testament to this philosophy.

This event went beyond the typical conference experience. With engaging speakers and the opportunity to build meaningful connections, it left a lasting impression on all attendees. Whether you’re in search of virtual assistants to hire or exploring the virtual assistant job market, this gathering provided valuable insights and networking opportunities for everyone.

The conference took place in the vibrant city of Dumaguete, bringing together a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industry experts. Many of these participants are valued clients of WrkPod, further emphasizing the significance of this event.

However, this wasn’t just a traditional symposium of speeches and presentations. Instead, it was a dynamic and engaging event that celebrated collaboration, growth, and the power of human connections.

The iGROW 2023 Conference featured a roster of successful speakers representing different parts of Australia and New Zealand’s thriving business scene. These speakers, many of whom have partnered with WrkPod, shared their insights, experiences, and innovative strategies that have driven their success.

Empowering Virtual Assistants

An integral part of the event was the participation of WrkPod’s own Virtual Assistants (VAs).
These dedicated professionals, who offer crucial support to businesses, had the chance not just to attend but also actively participate in the event. Their presence reinforced the idea that collaboration knows no boundaries, whether geographical or professional.


Beyond the Traditional

What set iGROW 2023 apart was its holistic approach. It wasn’t confined to a series of lectures; instead, it embraced interaction and immersion. During the afternoons, clients and their VAs joined hands for working sessions and skill-building workshops. These sessions provided a platform for clients to better understand the capabilities of their VAs, fostering a closer working relationship

Building Bonds Beyond Business

While business insights were undoubtedly at the forefront, the conference also recognised the importance of forging personal connections. Beyond the boardroom, participants had the chance to know one another on a deeper level. From casual conversations to team-building activities, the event aimed to cultivate relationships that transcend professional affiliations.

Culmination with the iGLOW Party

The conference reached its crescendo with the iGLOW Party at the vibrant Tiki Bar.
It was a night filled with celebration, laughter, and dancing—a reminder that even in the business world, a touch of fun can have a lasting impact. As the party came to an end, the night sky was illuminated by breathtaking fireworks, symbolising not just the end of an event but the beginning of new possibilities.

A Gratitude-Filled Conclusion

The success of the iGROW 2023 Conference could not have been achieved without the dedication and vision of the Business Blueprint Team, with Dale Beaumont at the helm. Their commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the business community was palpable throughout the event.

The conference was more than a meeting of minds; it was an embodiment of the spirit of growth and shared prosperity. From thought-provoking discussions to laughter-filled moments, it showcased the potential that emerges when businesses unite with a common purpose.

In retrospect, the iGROW 2023 Conference wasn’t just a series of activities; it was a chapter in the collective journey of its participants. As the curtains fell on this remarkable event, it left behind a legacy of empowerment, camaraderie, and the unwavering belief that growth, in all its forms, is attainable when we come together. The echoes of shared experiences, newfound insights, and lasting connections will continue to resonate long after the event’s conclusion.