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This Service Agreement is made and entered by and between:

      WRKPOD INC., a corporation incorporated and existing under the laws of Philippines, with its principal office located at Sites At Scale Bldg., Ma. Asoncion Ave., Daro, Dumaguete City, Philippines, hereinafter referred to as Wrkpod.


      You, _________, hereinafter referred to as Client.




      Wrkpod will shortlist a group of suitable applicants for the Client’s required staff member based on a job description provided by the client. Wrkpod will assist the Client in negotiating a remuneration package for the applicant, making a formal offer, and establishing an employment contract directly with the applicant. Wrkpod shall also help the client and it’s staff purchase all the necessary equipment in relation to the work to be performed.


      Likewise, Wrkpod will lease to the Client a workspace in its building wherein the latter’s staff can occupy for work, at a certain fee per month. The staff shall then have a secured office desk with unlimited access to high speed internet, free flowing coffee and an exclusive mini bar wherein they can avail of food and beverages at a discounted rate. They are likewise entitled to join regular social gatherings organized by Wrkpod for all of its clients’ staff in order to build a sense of community and a positive working environment.



      There shall be a once-off recruitment fee of $495 USD for the hiring process of the Client’s staff, which will cover the creation of the job advertisement, digital advertising budget, collating the applicants, narrowing the shortlist to the best applicants and facilitating the interview between the Client and the shortlisted applicants. This fee shall be for hiring one staff member only. For the subsequent hires, however, the Client is entitled to a 50% discount. Since this payment is just to cover the cost involved, the once-off recruitment fee shall be NON-REFUNDABLE.

      Once hired, the leased workspace/s to be used by the Client’s staff shall be paid a month in advance for $199 USD (For Premium Permanent Desk), which shall already include the services mentioned above. The rental fee is billed every first day of the monthly cycle. In other words, all rental payments are paid a month in advance. Such payments are non-refundable. There shall also be no refund or credit for partial month unused.



      Wrkpod undertakes to look for another staff for the client should the staff previously hired do not continue to work due to reasons not attributable to the client’s fault or neglect, provided the request for replacement is made within 3 months from the hiring of the first staff replaced, and the client leased a desk for the staff and continues to pay the same while looking for a replacement. This privilege could only be availed of once for every job position ordered and paid.

      The Client undertakes to lease at least 12 months of the desk provided by Wrkpod for all his/her staff hired through Wrkpod, counted from the first day of work of each staff.

      The Client likewise undertakes to assume all responsibilities towards the staff that Wrkpod helps him/her hire, and hereby absolves and clears Wrkpod from any liability in relation to the contract of services he/she have entered into with such staff.



      Wrkpod reserves the right to assign this Agreement at any time.



      Wrkpod and/or its assignee does not guarantee any type of profit or response from above-said services.

      Wrkpod and/or its assignee does not warrant nor assume any liability for the use of this service and/or the performance of the staff hired by the client.



      This Agreement shall be effective for a period of 12 months from the reckoning date, which is the payment date of the once-off recruitment fee, as for the recruitment services, while it shall continue to be binding for a period of 12 months from the first day of work of the client’s VA, as for the lease agreement.



      This Agreement shall be deemed renewed based on the same terms and conditions should neither party notify the other before its expiration date of any intention not to renew the same or change any terms thereof.



      This agreement shall be deemed terminated should the Client breach any terms thereof, such as but not limited to the non-payment of the lease of the workspace within 14 days from its due date, or Wrkpod believes that the Client used the service for purposes that are illegal or offensive including but not limited to pornographic content, terrorist activities, etc.

      This agreement may also be terminated by either party, provided that a Notice of Termination be given to the other party at least 30 days prior to the effectivity thereof, provided further that the Client shall pay the remaining period of the lease or an amount equivalent to 3 months’ rent, whichever is lesser, should he/she be the one who requested for the termination.



      All notices, requests, demands, and other communications under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been given on the date of delivery: (1) if delivered personally to the party to whom notice is to be given; (2) if sent by electronic mail with a cc: to sender; or (3) on the third day after mailing by express mail.