This candidate just gets Video Editing…From a brief they can take the RAW footage and create a video that is engaging and tells a story. They can adapt to our editing process (which is very neat and predictable) and work effective only. They have a good eye for detail, can source music that fits a project and use creative ways to solve problems in post-production.

They LOVE creating and using their skills in post-production to make content that has heart and soul. They would be able to spread their skills across cinema and online ads … social media content … branded/scripted content all the way down to quick teaser reels accompanied by music that is impactful and energetic!

This role requires the candidate to be an expert editor with some skills (or a willingness to learn) about After Effects and be able to modify and make small adjustments to existing GFX assets.

They must be keen and eager to take on board our processes and internal platforms for communication and project management!

We want to maintain and level up our quality videos.



  •  Current portfolio | Advanced | we need to see a good variety of work first
  • Editing Storytelling Skills | Advanced
  • Adobe Premiere | Expert
  • After Effects | Average | Keen to upskill to Advanced
  • Equipment | Advanced | Bring their own
  • English | Advanced | client emails/slack chat, potential video calls with them

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Video Editing
  • GFX Design
  • Project management