Who we are

We are a manufacturing company in Australia that builds portable buildings, small homes or granny flats, and tiny homes.

What we are looking for

We require a skilled building estimator to work with the owner of the business to maximize his efficiency and assist him to streamline all quoting and templated building costs and charges.

Job Description
We are looking for a detail-oriented construction estimator to advise on the foreseeable cost of each of our standard and nonstandard building designs and Custom Quotes. To this end, the construction estimator should obtain all relevant project specifications from management and the owner of the business and, use our building guidelines provided to determine the most appropriate building materials, and secure favorable prices on all resources. You should also inspect trends in construction to determine whether your estimates are both reasonable and competitive in the market.

To ensure success as a construction estimator, you should be able to translate project requirements into concrete figures with ease. A top-notch construction estimator will adhere to financial constraints without compromising on our quality yet affordable standards.

The owner already has done extensive research and work in the field for the company’s own products so there is plenty of assistance provided.


  • You will work closely with the Owner of the business in Australia. Architect in the Philippines and EA in the Philippines.
  • You will not be required to work directly with the clients until such time as your role requires you to. However, this may not happen.
  • Collecting all pertinent documents including property plans, technical drawings, and project specifications may be required but will be trained.
  • Studying current designs and suggesting improvements
  • Deciding on the most appropriate human and material resources for each project alongside the owner’s decisions.
  • Obtaining multiple quotes for each of these and then selecting the most suitable offers.
  • Helping the owner figure out labor costs per activity and breaking up each construction component into easy-to-figure-out labor portions.
  • Outlining the work plan to gauge how much time will be needed to complete each development.
  • Performing risk assessments to account for potential deviations from the project plan.
  • Accounting for the use of our resources, plus a reasonable profit margin to calculate an overarching price.
  • Drafting proposals that detail envisaged materials, costs, and time frames.
  • Meeting with clients to discuss their thoughts and concerns about our offers.


  • Should be fluent and well-spoken in English
  • Degree/ Or Experience/ Understanding in engineering, architecture, or similar.
  • Qualification/ Experience in project management is highly advantageous.
  • Demonstrable experience as a construction estimator.
  • Knowledge of relevant technical and non-technical documents.
  • Exceptional quantitative skills.
  • Outstanding research and proposal writing skills.
  • Dependable, conscientious, and well-spoken.

You may visit the client’s website here to know more: http://affordableportablebuildings.com.au/