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Administration – Once trained to answer and manage phone enquies, direct calls to appriate staff members, take quote enquiries.


Email Management, Calendar management, Document Management, Customer Support, email management, Lead Journey Management, Customer Journey Management, 90 Day Project

  1. General operation and use of computer skills
  2. General knowledge of Google Workspace applications
  3. General level of touch typing
  4. Self directed/motivated
  5. Efficient with time management
  6. Creative thinker, shows initiative
  7. Willing to learn
  8. Warm personality


Job Responsibilities

  • To support and work alongside the Business Manager. You will be a valuable asset to the company by carrying out the daily operations and taking care of prospective customers and existing clients.
  • Using project management software you will keep up to date with all your required tasks each day. You will be required to learn and use various software applications and follow company systems to assist you with your tasks.
  • Each task listed below has a company system to follow and training videos are provided to assist with learning each task.
  • Initially for the first 3 months of training you will be required to report to the Business Manager twice per day; At the commencement of your day and 1 hour before the end of the day via google chat to assist with prioritising tasks, additional training and answering any questions you may have. These meetings will be monitored as a per needs basis and then to eventually scale back to 1 meeting per day. Other meetings to attend will be team meetings every month.
  • Telephone Management – answering telephone calls from prospective customers, clients plus screening other calls and redirecting to the appropriate staff members. 
  • Management of company’s main email inbox and redirecting and responding to emails.
  • Management of company’s online filing system and documents.
  • Operations of lead Journey – responding to enquies, management of automation software and scheduling appointments.
  • Operations of Customer Journey – Welcoming new clients to the My Uno Team, Management of automation software, responding to emails, scheduling of appointments.
  • 90 Day Project – In consultation with the Business Manager, determine a 90 day project (goal) that you can see would be helpful in improving an area of your job position or possibly in the areas of Marketing such as creating social media posts. This goal would be broken down to a weekly task to be planned into your week as a project to work on every week over the 90 day period. This task should be a fun project that you look forward to doing each week. The aim of this project is to assist you in gaining extra skills and helping to contribute to achieving a goal for yourself and the team.

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